These guidelines follow Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: By international Committee of Medical Journal Editors(ICMJE).The complete text is available at


For publishing in Medical Journal of International University of Africa the following are required

1-The subject of the paper should pertain to medical sciences ,medical education and   related technical  issues ,…………………

2-Articles will be accepted in Arabic or English.

3-Arabic terminology should be standardized according to Unified Arab Medical Dictionary .

4-The manuscript should include the title ,authors ,abstract, acknowledgment  , introduction ,objectives, methods ,results either in tables or figures ,references , and legend when needed.

5-The title of the paper should be placed in a separate sheet together with the full name(s) of the author(s),institutional affiliations and highest scientific  degree obtained  and the mailing address such as email ,postal mail ,telephone or fax should also be provided .

6-The MJIUF prefer that all manuscript be submitted in print form (4 copies ) in a  White A4 paper  ,adopt Arabic numbering and leave margins of at least 25 mm(1 inch) on each side and the font equal to 12 point  double space  and also an electronic copy to be sent as attached to the following email address…………

7- Original article should be no longer than 12 double spaced pages including the references, the abstract should be structured with a maximum of 250 words .headings include background methods ,results and conclusion.

8-Review article should be no longer than 14 double spaced pages and should contain sections dealing with objectives ,source, methods of selection and compilation of data ,interpretation and conclusion

9- case reports should be no longer than 3 pages including references .

10-Refrences should follow Vancouver style  and should focus on recent sources. Minimum of 25 reference is advisable .

11-Articles previously published elsewhere or under consideration of publishing by other journals are not accepted for publication in the journal .

12-All papers received shall  be subjected to peer review by expert in the relevant field ,but the editorial board reserve the right to accept or reject the paper.

13-The board is not  committed to return the manuscript to the author(s) after being submitted .